The various shapes of blue color in a Scandinavian home

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Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, this apartment is accentuated by decorative factors in orange and various shapes of blue bringing the modern and youthful mood for it. If you are a single woman and love Scandinavian design style, this will be a perfect selection for your beloved home.

Entryway is designed in a smooth blue color, contrasting with grey herringbone wooden floor of living room and harmonious natural light from big windows. The light color combination is broken out by orange color of window curtains.

Orange ceiling curtains make the room seem to be higher and airier, it also brings a warmth for space eliminating the cold sense of the room.

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Architects arrange modern chairs which are usually used for open-air space in this living room creating a fancy eye-catching combination.

A white standing light helps the owner to read books right in the living room.

Dining room is decorated with a dark table and chairs, art wall pictures and a green plant.

A white drop ceiling lamp accentuates the dining table impressively. A geometrical mirror on the wall of entryway creates a vivid accent. It helps to attract the light and gives a depth to the space at the same time.

Different shapes of blue are combined subtly in this kitchen contrasting with red ruby part of a wall cabinet

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Homeowner hangs a curtain between kitchen and dining area to hide the disorder while cooking especially in small parties at the weekend.

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Recessed LED lamps light up the kitchen space highlighting the geometrical texture of backsplash.

A dark surround covers master bedroom, overflowing to wall tiles and wardrobe. A big white ceiling lamp becomes a lovely accent of the room.

Bathroom seems to be burnt out by dark orange tiles.

On the black and grey tiles, the unique design of sink with orange frame beautifies the bathroom newly strange.

The warmth of orange continues appearing in master bathroom of the apartment.

Looking into the perspective drawing of the apartment you can see storages which are hidden cleverly in functional areas.

Design drawing of apartment interior.

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3D design perspective drawing of apartment’s colors

Posting: Lucy Nguyen


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