The 78 – Square Meter Apartment With Beautiful Modern Minimalism And Classy Furniture

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The 78 – Square Meter Apartment With Beautiful Modern Minimalism And Classy Furniture

Taking advantage of the current trend of popular apartment design, a team of talented architects completed the accommodation in a minimalist style appropriate for the owner’s aesthetic and mind. Neutral colors like white, gray, and pastel are preferred; additionally, architects are interested in color combinations between interiors. Moreover, optimizing space and removing unnecessary items are focused on perfection and success. Concrete, vinyl, glass, and green materials such as bamboo and rattan contribute to the creation of exceptional space.

The apartment's sketch drawing
The apartment’s sketch drawing

The apartment from a 3D perspective

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The 3D view of the apartment from a different angle

The 3D layout of living room

Natural light creates the soul and harmony, is bright for living spaces, and transmits positive energy.

Vinyl flooring creates an eye-catching design with unique textures while also being environmentally friendly.

The milky white circular carpet with wicker motifs is subtly rustic and sophisticated, making the space light and elegant.

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The thoughtful 2-layer curtains combined with gentle white and gray fabric tones create a sense of coziness and relaxation.

A soft sofa set with a flexible shape adds a sweet and pure beauty to the living space. Furthermore, the earthy orange pillow that decorates the sofa brings a subtle highlight while maintaining the chair set’s charm and courtesy.

An orange glass countertop is an interesting feature in this white-covered space.

Besides an exclusive sofa set, wooden chairs are also arranged in this corner of the room. Facing a large window, it would be wonderful to hold a cup of your favorite drink and watch the landscape outside.

The dining area, which is also a part of this area but is separate from all the other areas, is compact and spacious. Due to this, it is ideal for hosting dinner guests or a cozy romantic dinner for two.

This corner is unique because the overall color scheme brings to mind an abstract painting and each detail has a special design.

To balance the break of the room, a vase of delicately colored flowers is set on the wooden table.

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3D perspective of the dining room and kitchen area

The main feature of this room is its hidden kitchen thanks to the sliding partition. It’s incredible how well the kitchen can be covered up.

The spacing effect is very high when everything is hidden behind a sliding wall, allowing for the greatest amount of open space.

3D perspective of working space

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This workspace is both spacious and private, and it is furnished with all the tools required for productive work. There is also a quiet retreat next to it where you can get away from everyone, relax, practice meditation, or read a book.

The storage services are extremely functional and centrally located, with most of them enclosing the workspace.

From the floor to the tabletop and the cabinet system, wood grain patterns are primarily used in this space. Soft colors aid in establishing a tranquil environment that improves focus and productivity.

Curtains can be drawn to create the necessary privacy while working, softening the rigidity of space division.

It’s a great idea to relax after a hard day’s work in a comfortable, well-padded chair in a corner with plenty of light and books.

3D perspective of master bedroom

This master bedroom is a minimalist one-color room with a calming color scheme that is maintained in even the few decorative accents that are present.

This private space is warm and cozy, which is ideal for the resting function thanks to sufficient window light and its delicate colors.

Two glass partitions that served as walls made the space appear larger, intending for the room to feel private and intimate by covering it from view with blinds.

This bathroom has a glass partition that allows in natural light and can also be used to combine a wardrobe and a laundry area.

The emphasis on various light colors creates a natural division of this space.

The square glazed floor creates unique lines along with its anti-slip rough material is an excellent choice for this bathroom.

This room also includes a laundry area, which is equipped with a large cabinet to maximize space.

3D perspective of the guest bathroom

This guest bathroom is accessible from the hallway, making it easy to use as soon as you enter the apartment. It is a blending of light and furniture materials that creates an eye-catching visual effect.

This room makes good use of the gradient texture, with its shower walls’ smooth color and water flow impacts emphasized by the low lighting.

Additionally, basic geometric shapes are preserved to maintain this bathroom’s utility and aesthetic cohesion.

The concept behind this apartment’s design is to maximize space while still giving the owner the necessary privacy. Its color palette provides the needed separation for open spaces while remaining understated enough for private spaces. For young people who require the best workspace for creative work, this apartment will be ideal. It is fully integrated with all necessary features and contains carefully chosen and arranged furniture.

Source: One More Buro

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