Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior But Full Of Charm And Mystery

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Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior But Full Of Charm And Mystery

The designers choose a modern style that combines minimalist lines in the decoration and interior layout of the apartment to create a simple, peaceful, and orderly space arrangement. The selection of this interior design style contributes to an airy and comfortable feeling, bringing positive energy and overcoming family confinement.

Natural light is regarded as the apartment’s source of vitality. Natural light not only reduces the number of unnecessary decorative elements, but also highlights the lines and textures of each object.

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The floor is paved with natural colors and combined with other furniture to create a unique and luxurious atmosphere.

Aside from the lighting effect, the high-class 9-ball ceiling molecular chandelier creates a luxurious, impressive, and classy space, demonstrating the owner’s ideal.

The design of fireplace in the living room gives a cozy feeling in cold days of the winter.

The TV is hung on a gray-tone wall to help achieve the best viewing angle.

At the apartment’s entrance, wooden cabinets and hangers are arranged for convenience but no lack of courtesy.

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The kitchen is basic and well-equipped. The space is neat and clean thanks to the two main colors of white and light brown of natural wood.

Installing wall-mounted kitchen cabinets adds to a more aesthetic, youthful, and modern kitchen space.

The green color from the indoor plant cools down the kitchen space. The bar adds convenience while also making the kitchen stand out.

The round wall mirror has a beautiful and appealing design, with a circular shape surrounded by led lights, making it an interesting highlight for living space, suitable as a bathroom decoration mirror to make the bathroom more sparkling and warm.

Marble bathroom tiles provide a delicate balance and harmony. The use of glass-walled freestanding bathtubs contributes to a dry and clean bathroom.

The white bathroom door is a perfect and harmonious combination of tones. Wall-mounted toilet is an excellent choice for saving space and making cleaning easier.

When combined with a front-loading washing machine, the upside-down dryer adds to the aesthetics and fashion of the bathroom space.

Designer: Vira Varava

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