Inspiration For An Attractive Villa in Milan, Italy

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Inspiration For An Attractive Villa in Milan, Italy

Designers Millennium and Svetlana Brenna cleverly integrated a green space into the villa’s modern interior to allow the owner to enjoy fresh, green air while remaining connected to modern life. The villa is designed with a neutral color palette of white, gray, and brown to create a rustic atmosphere. Furthermore, the designers use environmentally friendly building materials like green trees with raw materials and delicate natural wood.

Green potted plants in the living room corner not only add aesthetic values, but also provide fresh and cool air in the summer.

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The perspective of the living room and kitchen area of ​​the villa

The floors are laminated with wood grain vinyl for increased scratch and stain resistance while remaining safe and environmentally friendly. It gives the entire room a comfortable and luxurious feel.

The exposed brick wall design gives personality and highlights to the living room, making it more innovative. At the same time create a new look in the design style.

The glass wall lamp model embodies simplicity, sophistication, innovation, and creativity. Brown wooden chair set with a simple but not unattractive design.

The fireplace area is paved with stone to create a clear distinction. The fireplace is built in the living room with a square surrounded by glass, as well as wood sticks and a fire to create a warm atmosphere from the fire’s energy.

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The piano is the focal point of the room, and it is placed in a well-lit area.

Every detail of the 5-seater dining table set has been meticulously processed and refined.

The dining space is located opposite the large window to facilitate natural light. A pot of maple trees adorns the dining table, symbolizing family reunion and happiness.

The picture of trees establishes a strong connection and demonstrates the owner’s love of nature. Round white lights are designed in a unique and beautiful ceiling shape. The lamp will be the optimal choice for a more luxurious and classy space.

A large kitchen island provides comfort while cooking. Kitchen cabinets mounted on the wall with a high-end LED lighting system.

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The layout of bedroom and working space

The white fluffy carpet with the same color as the bedsheet brings a sense of cleanliness.

A comfortable chair and a floor lamp with a simple and sophisticated design will make it easier for homeowners to read or work.

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The bedside lamp with a round base has a soft light, which exudes elegance and lightness to the room.

In contrast to the living space floor, the bathroom floor is paved with gray ceramic tiles to keep it clean.

The use of curtains in the bathroom ensures privacy. It also prevents water from splashing on the floor, keeping the bathroom dry and ventilated, avoiding mold and slippery.

The lavabo cabinet model has a beautiful and luxurious design, making the bathroom cleaning process simple and quick. The cabinet surface is paved with stone for solid, clean, and long-lasting use.

The arrangement of a small pot of plants next to the lavabo brings green nature to the space.

The wall lamp has a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching design that exudes luxury.

LED lighting in a modern wardrobe system. Transparent glass doors will allow homeowners to easily observe.

An open and airy working environment is combined with a nice table lamp decoration.

Designer: Millennium architects + Svetlana Brenna

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