A multi-colored pastel apartment

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A multi-colored pastel apartment

If you have an apartment with area of 120 square meters and are wondering to select color tone for room design, try the below concept. You will see a great multi-colored pastel tone for your beloved home. Furthermore, entering the pastel color space of this apartment, you will really feel relaxed after a hard-working day. It named Color Block and was designed by Architect team of Tran Viet Phu and Dang Viet Long from Boring City.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (1)

The apartment is designed to have a connection between the kitchen, living room and dining table to create spaciousness. The space behind sofa and kitchen table are covered with pastel sage green to create an accent for the apartment.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (2)

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The contemporary Scandinavian design style was used to combine with artwork picture creating warm feeling for the space

A multi-colored pastel apartment (3)

Grey block-out curtains are very useful to protect from vivid lights of sweltering summer days. A lovely 2-storey tea table stands out in large space of the living room. This is the place that homeowners are most satisfied with because it has a favorite color tone of the whole family and also the place where all members can gather in spare time.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (4)

Interior furnitures of the apartment follows the minimalist trend of Scandinavian style.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (5)

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There is no partition or separation between the kitchen and dinning table that helps all family members to do their work and communite easily at the same time.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (6)

There is a small window frame on the kitchen where homeowners can place souvenirs from their trips.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (7)

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Babies’ bedroom is designed with lavender and powder pink colors that babies love most. In order to maximize the ground area for babies’ active playing, a bunk bed is placed in a coner of the room.

Interior furnitures of the room also follow the minimalist trend and have a suitable height for babies’ usage needs.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (8)

The next bedroom has pastel pink and white tones to create a spacious feeling.

The geometrical carpet creates an accent for this bedroom.

A multi-colored pastel apartment (9)

The master bedroom has a sage green-grey tone matching with the living room color tone. The highlight of the room is artwork and geometric mirror.


Posting: Lucy Nguyen
Photo: Quang Minh

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