An Elegant And Attractive Interior In Poland

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An Elegant And Attractive Interior In Poland

The apartment is small in size – only 37 square meters, but the interior is still fully integrated with amenities. Each area of the room has a clean, bright, and classy appearance. With the perfect combination of neutral colors such as: white, beige, and gray tones, it enhances the luxurious and gentle look of the owner. Besides, the use of materials such as wood, steel, and chrome makes the space’s surface more gleaming. The kitchen is next to the living room to save living space as well as give home a stylish feature. Explore the adaptability and creativity of luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms.

Jakub Dreszler JD Architects’ layout and arrangement have successfully conveyed to viewers the image of a deluxe and elevated apartment. The apartment has a comfortable living room with modern amenities, a lovely and harmonious kitchen and a bedroom with a modern orientation.

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The living room is decorated in two main colors, white and gray, which makes the space opener and brighter.

A lovely natural wood wall-mounted TV cabinet that combines warm yellow wood with fresh white paint.



Natural light fills up the living room and kitchen thanks to the large glass windows with curtains.

Put a potted plant in a corner of the wall to add some greenery to the living room.

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The dining table set has a unique L-shape design.

A gorgeous wardrobe combined with a shoe shelf provides convenience while trying on clothes that have shoes to coordinate with while also perfectly saving living space.

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A lovely small bedroom, making the most of the available space to arrange interior and make the room look tidier.

The bedsheet and carpet are soft colors in the bedroom.

The bedside reading lamp with the ability to adjust the angle is extremely impressive and convenient.

The natural light coming in through the glass windows makes the room stand out and show up brighter.

A versatile TV shelf combined with a dressing table is the ideal solution for a small bedroom.

A bathroom design that is simple but not without charm.

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The bathroom is fully equipped, and the floor is tiled with simple motifs that convey cleanliness and sophistication

A wall-mounted shower with a modern, one-of-a-kind European-style design enhances the comfort and modernity of the bathroom space.

Designer: Jakub Dreszler JD Architects

Article: Nina Phan

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