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Three Homes With Chic Living Space

Three Homes With Chic Living Space

If you own an apartment in around 70sqm without any ideas to design a unique and different space, the three apartments below will be a practical suggestion for you. The design has a light, luxurious but simple trend in decoration and décor that will surely bring you satisfaction. Let’s admire the luxurious living space of these three apartments.

1. MID House – a lovely home for young couples

Small apartment with bright colors and open design makes the house much more spacious. Anyone entering will be surprised by the cool, refreshing and airy space of the house with only 66sqm.

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MID House – 66sqm apartment with bright colors.
Stepping through the door is a system of kitchen cabinets expanding up to the ceiling, that help increase the storage area of ​​the house. This storage system and upper and lower kitchen cabinets reveal a white background of the home.
The dining room and living room are connected to create a spacious open space.
The common living area is separated from the bedrooms inside by a sliding glass wall, effectively preventing odors from the kitchen when cooking and eating.
The living room has a main bright white color, walls are painted in neutral colors with herringbone patterned wall tiles.
The cream fabric sofa is adorned with small orange and gray pillows that are very harmonious.
Personalized wall paintings adorn the living room space more modern.
The furniture of the house is slender to help the space not be cramped.

MID House has 2 separate bedrooms, a master bedroom for the owner and a lovely bedroom for a little daughter. The master bedroom has a bit of momentum but is not too fussy. In addition, all furniture in the bedroom such as bed, wardrobe and chalkboard are in neutral colors, making the room look more laid-back.

Master bedroom with a bedside wall covered in elegant wallpaper.
The bed is placed next to the large window to help get more natural light into the room.
The little girl’s bedroom is mainly pink and gray. To ensure safety, nets have been arranged in both windows of the room.
Built-in wardrobe combined with bookshelves helps to optimize the room area.
The room is also filled with natural light thanks to the large window.

MID House is an apartment with an area of ​​​​not too large, only 66sqm, but under the skillful hands of architects, the house space becomes much larger, while still ensuring the comfort of each functional area. Not only the space layout is reasonable, the house also has bright colors to help energize members when returning home.

2. Romantic and sweet 73sqm apartment

The second apartment is a sweet and romantic Scandinavian love song. With an area of ​​​​73sqm, Zhiyu Design has transformed the interior of the apartment so that it becomes a place that anyone wants to return to.

Each space in the apartment is meticulously and remarkably designed. At the entrance, a large floor-to-ceiling mirror is arranged for the purpose of expanding the space and helping the homeowner to rearrange their appearance before going out. With the common living area – kitchen – dining area, the lines, cabinet shapes or walls are curved to hide sharp square corners. In addition, neat cabinet systems and stylized shelves are added to the space, meeting the couple’s need to display and arrange art works. As a result, the common living space is always full of mellow and attractive poetry.

The bright interior is the highlight of the Nordic style.
Large mirror is placed right at the entrance to the apartment. The tiled lobby area separates the boundary from the living space.
The transparent space is embellished with interesting paintings.

It’s easier than ever to display and design mood and memories for the home thanks to the beautiful, graceful cabinets.

Pink wall cabinets and beautiful unique decorative shelves bring romantic beauty to the room.
An essential oil diffuser keeps the dressing room always in a pleasant scent.

To make romance become the main axis in the home design, architects have flexibly and harmoniously combined different colors and materials. Light colors that bring a sense of lightness are always preferred colors such as white, light pink, light yellow, etc.

Combining different paint colors is the simplest and easiest way to decorate your room.
Large cabinets with elegant colors help increase the storage capacity.
The space always gives the couple gentle and sweet feelings.

Thanks to changes in design, homeowners have received better experiences and feelings. This home is a good suggestion for families who like romance and sweetness.

3. Cozy apartment with many different colors

Unlike the two apartments above, this third apartment has more bold colors to create a cozy atmosphere for the whole house. Leto Interior has succeeded in bringing a break of color to this 74sqm apartment.

On the white background, the warm tones stand out, occupying most of the space.
The living room and kitchen are open-plan to expand the common living space.
Terrazzo stone table, bamboo and rattan cabinet, hand-sewn leather cabinet handles are small details that create unique and fancy accents.
The sofa brings a bold splash of color to the whole living room.

The master bedroom has a soft tone suitable for the resting space. The room has a ceiling cabinet and a window frame with a unique seat.

The room is always bright with a large window. Next to the door is a smart and convenient reading seat.
The bedroom is simple but no less sophisticated and attractive.

Three apartments with three different color layouts and interiors, but all have a luxurious look and an airy living space. These are ideal home models for apartments with modest areas.

Article: Dilys Do

Photo source: Collect.

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