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We collect all models of captivating contemporary home design style here. You can find contemporary apartment designs, contemporary private house designs, contemporary villa designs and more.

Inspiration From A Bright And Cozy Apartment

Inspiration From A Bright And Cozy Apartment Any of us may desire to own a home that we are eager to return after hard-working hours. And so is the owner of this apartment. With the expectation of designing the home in a modern and minimalist style, this homeowner has discussed and worked carefully with architect […]

The various shapes of blue color in a Scandinavian home

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, this apartment is accentuated by decorative factors in orange and various shapes of blue bringing the modern and youthful mood for it. If you are a single woman and love Scandinavian design style, this will be a perfect selection for your beloved home. Entryway is designed in a smooth blue color, […]