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A Lovely Modernism Apartment

A Lovely Modernism Apartment With a modest apartment, under the talented hands of architects, the lovely apartment has satisfied homeowners who have had a habit of living in a three-storey private house for a long time. A+D Design and Construction Co.,Ltd. has created a very handy and neat space with modern design style for this […]

A Small But Lovely Home In Modernism Design Style

A Small But Lovely Home In Modernism Design Style It’s not difficult to turn a modest area apartment into a glossy and lovely home. With modern interior design, the 54sqm home below has become a convenient and happy nest of a young couple. Every detail inside the home exudes the happiness and emotion-centered feeling. The […]

Renovation Of 220sqm House In Modernism Interior Design Style

Renovation Of 220sqm House In Modernism Interior Design Style H&P House is built on an area of 220sqm and located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is renovated into modernism design from an old house by Acspace. After innovation, the house wears a more ventilated and comfortable appearance. The house includes 4 floors. The […]

Inspiration For A Land Area Of 45 Square Metres

You may only have a land area of 45 square metres, or less, to play with but you want a house with a stylishly chilled luxury vibe. No problem. The below house design of construction and interior will offer you just the perfect spark of inspiration to get you started on your journey of looking […]

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A Moon apartment for people looking for perfection

The apartment is given a beautiful name by its owner: Moon Apartment. He is a perfectionist, and he has cherished and planned for his home within one year. Futurism – a rather new interior design style was selected by the owner for his apartment. This 85sqm apartment includes 1 living room, 1 kitchen – dining […]

Modernism in designing an apartment

Modernism in designing an apartment  Creating homes with luxurious and beautiful interiors is the desire of many architects and designers and is also a challenge to express their inspiration and abilities. With the apperance of modernism design trend, that desire seems to become simpler than ever. The following modern furnished apartment will satisfy your expectations […]