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Overwhelmed By Black Interior Of 220sqm Duplex Apartment

Many apartments nowadays use black as the primary color in their interior design. The use of black furniture not only adds depth to the space but it can also be easily combined with other colors to highlight the owner’s style. Similarly, the owner of the 220-square-meter duplex apartment below has chosen black as the main […]

A Luxurious, Modern Villa Measuring Over 300sqm

After a long day at work, we always want to come home, which has a warm and welcoming environment. This is the most important aspect of interior design. The villa below has an area of up to 300sqm and is located in an airy area. Its interior is designed in a modern and luxurious style […]

Nested House / 4i Design

Nested House / 4i Design Architects: 4i Design Area: 210 m2 Year:2020 City: Cam Le District – Da Nang City Country: Vietnam Nested House – when nature is brought into every small corner of the house. The house is owned by a young married couple with two children. Our team came up with the idea […]

Ly House / 4i Design

Ly House / 4i Design Architects: 4i Design Area: 330 m2 Year:2022 City: Cam Le District – Da Nang City Country: Vietnam The intersection of classic and modern With a typical 5×20 lot, the land is located in the planning area with rapid development. With a large density of houses close together, ventilation and natural […]

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An Apartment Integrates Scandinavian And Korean Interior Design

This apartment has an appealing appearance thanks to the combination of Korean and Scandinavian styles. With 115sqm, it is wise to go with an open design for the entire space. Besides, the overall apartment is more spacious and brilliant with metallic pink earth tones due to the maximum use of natural light. The space is […]

Taking A Look At The Living Rooms With Innovative Designs

Since the living room reflects the overall spirit of an apartment, it leaves a critical impression. Furthermore, it reveals the owner’s aesthetic taste and preferences. Some people prefer simplicity and common, while others favor the extraordinary. Here are some living rooms with innovative layouts and color schemes. Two contrasting shades of green and deep red […]

Exploring Bedrooms With Distinct Vibes

Each person has their own standards and preferences when it comes to bedroom design. The designers’ job is to measure and evaluate in order to create rooms that meet the needs of their customers. These bedrooms listed below all have unique features. Let’s go exploring to find the one that best fits your desires. A […]

Seven Bedrooms With Their Own Charms

The bedroom is not only a private place to rest, but it is also a place where the owner can express his or her interests and creativity. Each person will have their own style and arrangement preferences. Because of the color palette and design, these different bedrooms below have a distinct feel. Each room’s beauty […]

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Eight Neutral Tone Bedrooms

After a long day at work, a simple design bedroom with neutral colors will provide the best space to relieve stress. The eight rooms listed below completely meet the needs of rest with an uncomplicated design that includes only the essentials. Their soothing colors are not overly bright, and the clever arrangement makes these spaces […]

Seven Bedrooms Welcoming Sunshine

Illumination for the bedroom space is very important. It is not only to ensure necessary brightness for needs such as reading, makeup, changing, etc but also the aesthetics to bring a sense of comfort and most soothing to owners. In addition, the bedroom is a private space that should be designed and decorated in a […]

Four Simple Tone Bedrooms

The bedroom is the most important room in the house because it is where the owner spends a large portion of his or her time. Simple colors are always targeted by designers to ensure a warm and relaxing atmosphere that can make for an effective resting experience. Here are a few bedrooms with soft tones […]

Eight Sophisticated Living Rooms

The living room serves as a welcoming space for visitors as well as a place for family members to chat and share daily experiences. A modern living room that is both simple and luxurious can be used in a variety of settings, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. From color selection to furniture placement, here are […]

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Five Gorgeous Open Living Rooms

Five Gorgeous Open Living Rooms The top factors in the living room interior design are light and color scheme. Here are some open living rooms that are saturated with natural light from large windows, highlighting every detail in this space. Colors are harmoniously combined, and delicately appropriate for the purpose of welcoming guests and the […]

Eight Dark-wall Bedrooms

Eight Dark-wall Bedrooms In fact, when in a room, particularly a bedroom, everyone needs to feel calm and at ease. It should be a warm and inviting environment, similar to that found at home. Therefore, choosing paint colors for the bedroom will take a lot of time to consider. Many people prefer bedroom furniture with […]

The 78 – Square Meter Apartment With Beautiful Modern Minimalism And Classy Furniture

The 78 – Square Meter Apartment With Beautiful Modern Minimalism And Classy Furniture Taking advantage of the current trend of popular apartment design, a team of talented architects completed the accommodation in a minimalist style appropriate for the owner’s aesthetic and mind. Neutral colors like white, gray, and pastel are preferred; additionally, architects are interested […]

The 87-Square-Meter Apartment With A Classical Design And Graphics Exudes Tenderness, Authenticity, And Modernity

The 87-Square-Meter Apartment With A Classical Design And Graphics Exudes Tenderness, Authenticity, And Modernity Under a sophisticated perspective and capturing the need to save the unique atmosphere of the historic building, the interior designers have cleverly chosen suitable design style to meet the needs. The gentle color palettes combined with the dominant white color emphasize […]

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16 Bedroom Designs In Elegant Colors

16 Bedroom Designs In Elegant Colors Since the bedroom is where we spend much of our time at home, its design is critical. We need to rest and recharge after a long day of work and study. It is important to decorate the bedroom to make it become the most comfortable room in our home. […]

Seven Bright Living Rooms

Seven Bright Living Rooms Aside from its primary function of receiving guests, the living room also provides an array of other purposes in order to beautify the home. It can, for example, be used to watch TV, sing karaoke, read a book, or even serve as a dining room, etc. This is a relatively large […]

A Spacious Private Apartment With Unique Design

A Spacious Private Apartment With Unique Design Although there is only one bedroom in this private apartment, its space is extremely large at 110 square meters. This is a living space with numerous areas ranging from the hallway to the bathroom and kitchen, etc. The apartment’s functionality is fully guaranteed, and it features unique textures, […]

A Luxury Apartment With Lavish Furnishings And Amazing Beauty

A Luxury Apartment With Lavish Furnishings And Amazing Beauty Understanding the young couple’s thoughts, the designers created a 90-square-meter apartment with a harmonious and beautiful interior that will impress anyone with its ingenuity and sophistication in every detail. Neutral colors like ivory white and light gray help to create accents for the room’s furniture. New […]

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Two Sophisticated Apartments In Nordic Interior Design

Two Sophisticated Apartments In Nordic Interior Design The interior design of the two apartments below, in the Nordic or Scandinavian style, helps to achieve a balance between beauty and convenience by focusing on simple elements, minimalism, and separate functions. With endless inspiration, this style of interior design and decoration has become popular all over the […]

A Spacious Private Apartment Fully Equipped

A Spacious Private Apartment Fully Equipped This private apartment in Kyiv’s Podilskyi district was designed as comfortable housing for a young couple to fit all of their necessities in an open space that includes kitchen, dining, living, and working spaces. It has a large enough working space to accommodate all of the equipment needed while […]